Fried Plantains

Fried plantains also know as dodo is the perfect go to meal or side for almost any dish. Eaten a lot in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, it is nutritious and tastes great by itself or seasoned.

Ripe Plantains
Cooking oil (Canola or Olive oil)
*Salt (optional)

1. Wash the plantains


2. Peel the back of the plantain & in a clean bowl or plate, slice the plantains diagonally. Add a little salt if desired. Be careful with the salt so plantains don’t end up salty. (It can be very discomforting )


3. In a clean dry frying pan, pour cooking oil in the pan and heat under medium heat. You don’t have to use too much. Actually, the less the better for healthy cooking. Just add enough to allow the whole length of the plantain sit comfortably in the oil

4. When oil is hot (not smoking hot) place plantain into oil and allow to fry till edges turn golden brown to light brown. (I like mine brown)

5. Repeat till all is fried. Place in paper towel to blot out any excess oil.

Plantain is ready to serve!
Serve with Rice / Beans / Stew / Fried Eggs / Pap / Custard / Acheke


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