How To Make Microwave Baked Eggs

Ever since I discovered this method of cooking eggs (thanks dad 😉 ), it has been my go to method on the lazy days when I just want to get into the kitchen and get out without spending forever in there. I really like this method because I can skip on the oil and I have less dishes to wash and worry about when I am done. Today’s microwave baked eggs, I will be adding corned beef to make things a little interesting.

Ingredients: ~ Corned beef ~ 2 Eggs ~ Salt ~ Dried Pepper (optional)


~ Break the eggs into a microwave safe bowl

~ Open up the corned beef tin, take out as much beef you would like. Using a knife or fork, break it up into smaller chunks and add to the eggs. (Remember to store the left over corned beef in a bowl in the fridge. DO NOT store it in the tin)

~ Add salt and pepper to taste and whisk everything together.


20130529-141241.jpg~ Place bowl in the microwave for 1 min. After this 1st minute you will notice the egg is not fully cooked so you flip it over and bake for another 1 min & 30secs. Note, depending on the intensity of your microwave, you may need less or more time.

20130529-142206.jpg~ Your nicely baked microwave eggs are ready to devour. Serve with any of your usuals like bread, fried plantain etc.



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