Custard Fail

Oh my goodness, this post has been a long time coming! I remember some months ago when I announced that I would be posting my epic kitchen fails but some how time seemed to elude me & suddenly everything else in life became super important. Anyways, I am glad I am finally getting around to doing this. I hope you enjoy this post and we can both laugh about what horrible custard I made.

So custard has been a very tricky meal to make & I am sure I am not alone in this boat (Oya, don’t deny it. You have messed it up before). I love custard so so much especially served with fried plantain or beans or even cake! (when I’m feeling high brow 😉 ). This wonderful afternoon I wanted custard so bad & I set out to make me a ‘quick’ bowl and here is the disastrous result.


problem no 1, as you can see, there are lumps in it, which is a big no no


After trying so hard to remedy the situation I was finally able to get a lot of the lumps out

20130125-115336.jpgProblem no 2, after serving it & digging in, I noticed the custard was brick like 😦 it wasn’t a nice creamy consistency & it felt like eating partially melted ice cream.

So there… I look forward to the day I can cook custard perfectly with my eyes closed.