Okra Soup

Okra soup is one of the easiest and quickest soup anyone can make. From personal experience, it serves as an interim solution when one can’t decide on what soup to cook next. Also, because of the little preparation time, it has become one of the go to soups.
Okra soup is usually eaten with stew or mixed with vegetables such as Ugw to increase the amount of soup or just to have something a little extra in it.

Some people believe eating raw okra helps improves voice for singing, I don’t know how true that is but the taste is good for sure.

To make Okra soup,

– Fresh okra (15 fingers)
– Salt (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon)
– Maggi (1 cube)



– Wash fresh okra and either finely chop with a knife or grate it (excluding the head). I prefer to use a grater because for me it is quicker and it comes out much uniform. Older generations use knives because they are more used to it and I guess have more experience. Today, some people still use knifes to chop it but put it into a blender and give it 1 or 2 quick pulse. Feel free to explore and decide what method suits you.

– In a clean pot, add the cut up okra, add water to about 1 inch above the level of the okra, add salt and maggi to taste.


– Note, do not cover the okra while cooking else it will bubble up and spill all over the cooker and cause a big mess.

– Allow to cook for about 7 – 10mins. Okra will turn a bit whitish and very “drawy”. You also have to occasionally watch the okra while it cooks as it dries out and burns pretty quickly.

Serve with stew and eba.




Gravy Sauce

Fresh tomatoes 3
Fresh round pepper 1-2
* Fajita Mix (this is basically already chopped onions, green and red bell pepper)
Chopped or powdered ginger and garlic

– Wash and dice round pepper and tomatoes

– Pour a little olive oil in a frying pan and heat using mid flame.


Olive oil on fire

– When oil is hot, place Fijita mix and stir fry till onions are pale looking

– Add chopped tomatoes, pepper, ginger & garlic. Stir fry for about 15-20 mins


– After thawing shrimps and blotting out excess water with paper towel, add to frying pan. Here I used already cleaned and deveined ready to cook shrimp from the grocery store.

– Add salt to taste, Maggi, 1/2 Tsp of curry and thyme. Stir fry till shrimps is well cooked.
– Gravy is ready!


Serve with rice (Plain, fried or jollof), fried plantains or baked potatoes 🙂

Serves: 2.

Ogbono Soup


  • Grounded Ogbono
  • Blended Crayfish
  • Shrimps (optional)
  • Meat / Chicken / Fish
  • Palm oil
  • Water
  • Okro
  • Ugwu (Spinach)
  • Stock fish
  • Smoked Fish
  • Bitter leaf
  • Dried Pepper
  • Maggi
  • Salt


    • First we carefully clean the smoked fish because they tend to be sandy. To clean, wash each fish under running water while rubbing with a little salt. Remove the stick running through the fish and clean the inside.
      Alternatively, if you want just the fish and not the skin, you can break up the fish, remove the inside and wash with salt.

Smoked Fish

    • Wash the stock fish also but without salt.
    • Put the fish into a clean pot and pour water until it covers the fish.
    • Add dried pepper (I prefer dried pepper because it is more convenient) and salt to taste.
    • Allow to cook till the fish become soft.
    • In the meantime, clean and steam the beef /chicken/ fish
    • When the smoked & stock fish is cooked, pour in the cooked beef/chicken/fish with the stock. Stir and lower the heat.

Smoked fish with beef

    • In a clean dry bowl, pour in 1.5 (standard cooking) spoons of raw ogbono. The more ogbono the more the final soup.

Grounded Ogbono

    • Pour in palm oil a little at a time and stir into ogbono. This is to ensure you don’t use too much oil. Add oil till it stirs in completely with the ogbono.
      Some people pour in the oil directly into the pot but I find this to be a better way to measure the amount of oil to use.

Grounded Ogbono mixed with palm oil

    • Pour in the mixed ogbono and oil into the cooking fish & beef and stir completely.
    • At this point, the mixture maybe too thick so add water till the soup stirs easily. Increase the heat back to medium level and allow to cook for 10mins. NOTE: you have to regularly stir the soup because the ogbono tends to stick to the pot quite easily.
    • Add maggi, shrimps, cleaned ugwu (or spinach), grated or chopped okro (okra), stir and cook for another 20mins.

Raw Okro

    • At this point, you can taste the soup and add more salt or seasoning to your taste.
    • If using bitter leaf, wash gently to prevent the vitamins from washing out then add to soup. Stir gently to prevent the soup from becoming bitter. Cook for 8mins
    • Soup is ready!


Serve with eba or pounded yam.

Fufu & Light Soup

Serves 1



  • Neat fufu
  • Water

Light Soup

  • Whole tomatoes (4)
  • Fresh red pepper (2-3)
  • Onions (1 small sized)
  • Meat (beef / goat / chicken)
  • Maggi & salt



    • Pour 2 handfull of fufu powder into a clean dry pot and mix properly with water into a thick paste. Ensure to stir properly to prevent lumps in fufu


    • Put on medium heat and stir. As it gets thicker, begin to knead into a dough.

    • When fufu formed a neat dough, and doesn’t taste floury, fufu is ready. If it still taste raw of floury cover and allow to cook for another 15mins kneading every 5mins to prevent the bottom from burning. When done, remove from heat. Tip: Notice that fufu doesn’t stick to pot anymore while kneading.


Light Soup

  • Wash tomatoes, pepper and onions. Remove stem of pepper and remove head of onions.
  • Put whole tomatoes, pepper and onions into a clean pot and add 1 cup of water and bring to boil. In the meantime, steam meat.


  • Remove whole tomatoes, pepper and onions and blend. Don’t discard the boiled water
  • Pour back blended tomatoes into the boiled water, cook for 15 mins then pour the meat stock, add maggi, salt and bring to boil for about 5 mins. Add meat and boil for another 10 mins.
  • Optional step: Sieve the soup to get the clear light look of the soup
  • Light soup is ready.

To serve Ghanaian style, mould fufu into a ball and place in the center of a deep wide bowl. Pour soup with lots of meat over the fufu.