April, Month of the Basil

Basil is a spice I recently started experimenting with. After coming across it in a recipe, I decided to look deeper into it while incorporating this leaf into meals.

So what’s so great about Basil?
– Basil belongs to the mint family and is also known as sweet basil
– There are 150! varieties of basil leaves and they are native to India but now grown commercially in other parts of the world.
– It is said to calm the stomach by putting a teaspoon of dried basil leaves in a cup of water
– It has antibacterial properties and helps fight inflammation

There are numerous benefits if this pretty leaf and so, this month is dedicated to Basil Leaves! All month-long, I will share with you fun Basil Recipes.

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Announcement: New Category! ☺

Hey everyone! Hope the new year has brought lots of good things your way but if it hasn’t don’t worry, relax & cook something African!

Today, I like to introduce a new section/category on the blog called Kitchen Bloopers. Here, I will be posting my epic kitchen fails as well as humorous cooking fails from around the web. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and I look forward to hearing about yours too.

African Foodie 😉

Hello Foodie! Welcome!

Welcome to my food joint for African dishes. Recently, I have developed a liking for cooking especially Nigerian dishes 😀 and since I love to share, I have decided to show how awesome and delicious African meals are.

The focus of this blog is mainly on West African dishes (Nigerian & Ghanaian), with periodic specials on non-African meals cooked with a touch of African technique.

* Update *

I started this blog about 3 years ago to share my moments in the kitchen and my new-found love of cooking. Not just because I was hungry or needed to know how, but because it was really a fun activity. Using unusual ingredients, trying new things and just the whole art.

Since then, I have developed an interest in meals other than strictly African. Nonetheless, the meals I will be sharing now are still meals lots of Africans eat. I hope you come along with me on this new adventure and enjoy reading this blog.