Basil Eggs

Continuing with the basil theme of this month, I decided to try basil leaves in eggs and it turned out great! If you like to try something different for breakfast, why not try this delicious twist to your morning toast.

What you will need:

~ Eggs / Fresh or dried basil leaves / onions / seasoning / pepper (optional) / olive oil / spinach

Basil Eggs Ingredients

africanfoodie basil fried eggs recipe

*Note: If you see you need a bit more olive oil, feel free to add a bit more.

african foodie basil fried eggs

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April, Month of the Basil

Basil is a spice I recently started experimenting with. After coming across it in a recipe, I decided to look deeper into it while incorporating this leaf into meals.

So what’s so great about Basil?
– Basil belongs to the mint family and is also known as sweet basil
– There are 150! varieties of basil leaves and they are native to India but now grown commercially in other parts of the world.
– It is said to calm the stomach by putting a teaspoon of dried basil leaves in a cup of water
– It has antibacterial properties and helps fight inflammation

There are numerous benefits if this pretty leaf and so, this month is dedicated to Basil Leaves! All month-long, I will share with you fun Basil Recipes.

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