Beans and Yam Porridge

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last post but I finally got some free time to write this post.

Today, I will be writing about how to make beans with yam made as porridge. This meal is super easy and full of nutrients.


:: 4- 5 slices of yam

:: 3-4 cups of beans

:: Dry pepper or fresh pepper (1 red bell pepper or 2-3 rodo pepper)

:: Salt

:: 1 tablespoon of crayfish

:: Maggi

:: 1/2 – 1 Spoon of palm oil

:: Onions


– Measure out the beans and pick it clean of any dirt or dried out beans

– Wash the beans once and pour into a clean pot


– Add water to about 2 inches above the beans, sliced onions and allow to boil till the beans is partially soft. (Note, beans takes a while to soften so you may need to add more water if the initial water dries)

– While the beans is cooking, peel the yam, rinse and cut into chunks





– If you are using fresh pepper, blend them and keep it aside.

– Once the beans is half soft, add the sliced yams and allow to cook for about 7-10 mins.


20130418-130921.jpg– Add the pepper, salt to taste, maggi, crayfish and palm oil.

– Allow to cook till the yam is soft and any excess water is dried


– Meal is ready to serve! 🙂



Yam Porridge

• 1 Tuber of yam (mid size)                                          • 2 Onions
• 3-4 fresh tomatoes                                                   • 2 fresh pepper
• Salt                                                                           • Maggi, Curry, *Thyme(optional)
• *Smoked Tilapia Fish  or Fish fillets (optional)           • Blended Crayfish
• *Ginger & Garlic (Optional)                                        • Palm Oil
• Water


• Cut and peel yams: Place the yam tuber on a flat and comfortable surface. Using a sharp knife, cut the yam vertically across to form individual circles. Cut the yam about 2-3 inches thick and peel the back of the yam using the knife. Wash peeled yams and cut each individual circles into 4 pieces.

Yam in a market

Yam in a market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Place yams into clean, dry pot & add water to the level of the yam. Allow to boil till the yam is semi hard.

• Add diced onions, blended tomatoes, 1 onion & pepper


Blended tomatoes, pepper and onions

• Stir and add fish fillets  or smoked tilapia fish, blended ginger, garlic, curry & thyme and stir

• Add salt and maggi to taste.
• Add blended crayfish & stir.
• Cook for 7mins
• Add 1 – 1.5 cooking spoons of palm oil

• Stir and cook till yam is soft. To have more porridge, mash some of the yam and stir.
• Yam porridge is ready

Instant Pounded Yam

Pounded yam is meal from the Western part of Nigeria. It is known as the meal of the Yorubas but eaten across tribes in Nigeria and Africa. It is made from pounding cooked yam tubers but due to the tedious process, a quicker way was invented to speed preparation time and take out majority of the stress involved.

The using poundo yam, time to make is about 25 – 30mins.


  • 1.5 Cups of water
  • Poundo Yam


Serves 1


  • Pour 1.5 cups of water into a clean pot and bring to boil


  • When boiled, take out half of the boiled water and set aside. This will be used if the yam dough becomes to hard.
  • With the rest of the water still on the fire, begin to slowly pour in the poundo flour while stirring at the same time till it is no longer watery.20120720-204417.jpg
  • Lower the heat and begin the knead the poundo flour into a dough. Continue to knead ensuring there are no lumps. If the dough is too hard, pour in some of the hot water set aside previously.
  • When dough is nicely formed, cover the pot and allow to cook for about 7 mins, kneading every 3 mins.


  • Mould pounded yam into a neat ball and serve.

Serve pounded yam with favorite soup or even Ghanaian Light Soup